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General Genealogy Links

This page provides links to resources not directly related to Wood County. The primary purpose of these links is to make it easy for HOWGS members to pursue their family history research on the internet, and to post their own family history page if they want.

If you find any missing or incorrect links or any other links that you feel should be included on these pages, please contact the webmaster. Please only submit links that would be beneficial for general research. Except for the ethnic links below, we will not post locale specific links unless they are relevant to Wood County, Wisconsin. You can add these links in your Favorites area.

The Big Five | Immigration Links | Ethnic Links | Other Links | Research Aids | Members Pages

The Big Five

These are the webmaster's choice of the top 5 sites to use on the internet, although there are many, many other excellent sites.
  • CyndisList.com

  • More than 250,000 categorized links to other genealogy sites on the internet.
  • Ancestry.com

  • A searchable database containing over 3.5 billion names, including scanned images of many documents. Membership is required (can be viewed free at McMillan Memorial Library)..
  • FamilySearch.org

  • "The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world." This is part of the collection of the Mormon Family History Library.
  • EllisIslandRecords.org

  • On-line, searchable database of manifests of the ships that entered the port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Over 22 million immigrants entered the port of New York during these years. You can view scanned images of the actual manifests and ships that your ancestors arrived on. Registration (free) required.
  • RootsWeb.com

  • "The oldest and largest FREE genealogy site, sponsored by Ancestry.com."

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Immigration Links

These are links that are related to immigration, emigration and ships. There are many more ethnic group such as fraternal societies. See Cyndis List for more immigration and emigration links.
  • XXX

  • xxx.

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Ethnic Links

Here are a few good links to get you started on ethnic research. Many of these sites have their own links to other sites for the particular ethnic group, and there are many more links, so explore!. Also included here are some links for other country's genealogical sites. There are other types of ethnic groups, such as fraternal societies. We did not intentionally leave out any ethnic groups, but focused on some of the ethnic groups that were early settlers in Wisconsin and in the local area. See Cyndis List for many more ethnic links. If there is an ethnic group you would like to see added to this list, please contact the webmaster.

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Links to Other Good Genealogy Sites

These are links to other genealogical websites that provide good information. Some of these are sites that may require membership.

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Research Aids

This section provides links to sites that are useful in doing your genealogical research, or sites that provide downloads of some of the common documents than genealogists use.

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Member Pages

These are links to family history websites of HOWGS members. They are not necessarily related to Wood County, Wisconsin. Currently no member pages have been submitted - if you have a page, please forward the information to the webmaster.

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