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Past Queries

Alexanderson Johan B: 5/22/1852 in the village of Gallered, Sweden, Came to Centralia, Wood County WI in May 1882. Lutheran - nothing at Immanuel Lutheran. Died December 7, 1882 of accident, buried Cruikshank Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, then moved to Forest Hill Cemetery. Newspaper clipping of death.
Bell Henry Clay Purchased land in Wood County 5-12-1859. Warranty deed found. Other land deeds located. Had an older brother William S. Bell. Henry moved to Michigan in 1861
Benson Michael Michael Benson died in Douglas County -11/8/1897 In Wood County is Benjamin Benson born in 1850 and died 8/22/1918 from Norway, and father of Martin and John Benson. No other Benson's in Wood County at this time. No obits found for any of these three. Michael Benson married Louisa Billmeyer 8/24/1883 early marriages p. 38.
Berndt Aldore Owned a bakery in Marshfield. Wife's name was Minnie. 2 sons Carl and Aldore Berndt. Mrs. Minnie Berndt married Aldore (Albert) Plath 9-22-1898. Information found in Pre-1907 b,d, and M. Referred to wisconsin history.org and to Marshfield library.
Bobholz 1906 Child born out of wedlock. Born in Babcock WI . Attending Physician Dr. A.H. Morse. Lived in Columbia County. Why Babcock WI? (Unwed Mothers Facility there in early 1900')
Bodah Frances Obit for Gideon Bodah in Marshfield newspaper 1-5-1911. Married Frances Campbell on 10-23-1871. Lived in Nasonville area
Boyarski Stephen Stephen Boyarski married Agnes Sodin in 1900 Wisconsin Rapids. Stephen (Steven) is buried Forest hill Cemetery 1949. Other Boyarski's in Calvary Cemetery
Brown Leonard "Alex" Brown Married Phebe Snow Standisfield, Berkshire MA about 1800.
Cady Found surname in Forest Hill Cemetery and St. Mary's Cemetery in Auburndale. Six citations found in Pre 1907 marriages ranging from 1885-1890.
Caesar Thomas Copied obituary and information, and mailed to individual.
Charretier Joseph Joseph Charretier (shar-tay)B 1786 Canada and Wife Sophie and both were on the 1851 census in Canada.Francois Charretier B 1780 in Canada and died after 1851(on Canadian census in 1851) In Mid 1850 some of the family was living in Wood County (Rudolph) and the name was changed to Sharkey.
Clark William Walter Requesting burial information. Located information at Forest Hill Cemetery and mailed.
Couture Nelson Found surname in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Marshfield and Rock Township Cemetery. Found 3 marriages in pre-1907 Found mention in 1905 and 1906 Wood County reporter newspaper.
Curry Daniel Foreman for John Edwards Lumber Co 1855-1890. Wife Emily Jerome. No births listed in Wood County Pre 1907. One birth for Curtis Daniel Dustin whose mother's maiden name was Nellie Curry. Three citations for Pre-1907 marriages. Assorted Death and Cemetery records mailed.
Dagen John F. Born in Illinois, and died February 2, 1947 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. John F husband 1892-1976. Mabel wife 1900-1947. Mailed obituaries and cemetery pictures.
Daniels Fred Lived in Neillsville/Granton area of Clark County
Dessaint Peter Peter and 1st wide Mary are buried at Calvary Cemetery in WI Rapids. - Row 4 C. No dates for Peter. Mary died 11/20/1881. Article in Marshfield new Herald 5/13 1897 page 8 listed Peter died at age 66 years. Located in 1892 and 1905 Centralia City Directories. Notes in the Centralia Enterprise newspaper. Three Pre-1907 marriages found.
Donahee John E. John E. Donahee died May 7, 1986 in Pittsville, WI. Shirley Esther Donahee died December 30,1988. Materials Sent.
Edgerly Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Edgerly and Drusella May Livery Edgerly married living in Vesper area. Obit in Wisconsin Rapid Tribune June 12, 1944. Andrew preceded her in death. Son Boyd Edgerly Obit 6/13/1973 in WR Tribune
Edwards William Walter William Edwards m Belle White 10-10-1886 in Portage county. Family is on the 1880 census in Marshfield WI. William remarried about 1886. Belle remarried 1/24/1893 in MN. No information.
Elmer Jacob Wife Anna Elmer. Anna Elmer born 7/26/1887 and died 11/18/1971. Lived in Arpin WI Buried in Arpin Cemetery. I would like an obituary. 6/20/2012. obits sent.
Erickson Gust Born 1860, Intent for Naturalization in Wood County. Mailed.
Forbush Chauncey (male) Chauncey Forbush died 3/13/1895 in Grand rapids WI and buried in Forest Hill Cemetery Block 4. Obit in Centralia enterprise newspaper. Civil war veteran and I wish to replace his headstone with one from the Veterans Administration. Referred to Forest hill Association.
Fritz Wihelm Found Wood County Town of Siegel On 1880 census. From Prussia. Several notations in early marriages. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery - Wilhelm(william) 1846-1902. Wilhelmine 1838-1911
Giebels William Found William and Ella Giebels; deaths and obits. William was born in Holland. Ella was born in Illinois. Both are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery
Gilman Family research to locate Heirs to a piece of property. Multiple correspondence, and information sent.
Golla Mailed copies of Cemetery Records. Also three notations in the Pre-1907 marriages Referred to the Marshfield library and usgenweb/Wisconsin online sites.
Gollnick August August Gollnick and Amelia Wagner. Please identify the church in this picture. No information in Wood County. Family located on 1870 and 1880 census in Cedarburg, Ozaukee WI
Granfors Two death records in Wood County in Pre-1907 vital records. Also found in Spruce Lake School in Siegel
Grassl Theresa Please check "Beidel" telephone listings for me? My Grandfather's sister Theresa Grassl Beidel. Phone listings located in Spencer, Colby and Stratford.
Greenberg Joseph Joseph Greenberg came to central WI from Russia. found on 1900, 1910 and 1920 census in Necedah, Juneau county. Referred to Accessnewspapers.com. Found information on the Necedah fire that started in the basement of Greenberg's store. Several notations in Pre-1907 b,m,d in Wood County also.
Gutter Rosa Rosa Anna Gutter- requesting death certificate. Death was April 8 1903.Family lived in Nasonville in the township of Rock. Close to Clark County - check also Clark County. Also check Marshfield area
Hamel Arno Grandfather was Arno Hamel and found in the 1956 Wood County School List. Cameron's Pride School for 1903-1904.
Hammel James Looking for descendants of James and Emily Hammel who lived in Pittsville WI in the late 1800s. James Hammel buried in Pittsville. eight citations for Hammel's in Early Marriages - however not anything for James and Emily
Hancock John W. Early marriages John W Hancock and Donna Didama April 5 1899 page 113.
Haugen Abraham Abraham and Sadie Haugen. Possibly worked for Montgomery Ward in Chicago in 1920s. Listed in the 1910, 1920, 1930 censuses for Cook County IL Living in 1900 with Caroline Hillman (Mother in law). Nothing in Wood County
Hilgard/Hilgart Michael Joseph Hilgart born 12/26/1891 to Michael Hilgart and Anna Wallner who died in child birth 12/26/1891
Horn Horn family found in the Town of Hansen, Richfield and Marshfield, and the Forest Hill Cemetery in Wisconsin rapids . Three citations for Horn in Early marriages. Also found in the school index.
Hubbard Marjorie Marjorie Hubbard born in about 1921 - possibly in Wood County? Marjorie Hubbard was granted a divorce from Ed Yeskie in Dec. 1945. They were married in Dubuque Iowa in February 14, 1941.
Jacoby Alvin Alvin Jacoby Killed in WW II
Jensen Patricia Patricia Louis Jensen who are siblings. parents are Rudolph Jorgan Jensen and Charlene Rosalie Soldat. City Directories. Rudolph died in a plane crash.
Johnson Claus Claus and Sophia Johnson.Claus b 8-6-1849, married 4/20/1882 and died 8/25/1935. Golden wedding celebration in WR Tribune 4/21/1932. records from the ME Church in Stevens Point
Johnson Stella Smith Stella Smith Johnson death 7-15-1938 Wood County. Would like obituary. Daniel Johnson d 2/13/1936. Estella Johnson d 7/16/1938. Information Mailed
Johnson William J. Seeking burial information. William J and Laura Luerelia were married in Chicago in 1864. Death Notice was found in WR Daily Tribune May 25, 1933 front page. Probably not the correct William Johnson.
Jole Andrew Andrew Olson Jole possibly lived in Auburndale. Left in 1913 to move to the Veteran's Home in King.Found Julius Jole and Wife Ida on 1910 census in Auburndale renting 168 acres. Other citations in WI, but not in Wood county
Joles Isaac Isaac Joles d.12/20/1942. Emley Joles d. 7/1/1932 Vol. 19 p.179. No further information found
Jones Albert F. Albert F. Jones possibly owned and operated Hotel Dixon in 1930 in Grand Rapids, WI. Listed in 1921 City Directory. Lots of information on Hotel Dixon
Jung John Joseph Mary T. Jung widow of John Joseph Jung. Mary was born about 1840 in Belgium. Lived in Milwaukee 1860 and 1870 census (name spelled Young). Interested in death dates and obituaries. Found John's death Vol. 4 page 26. and Mary's death is Vol. 14 p.575
Jungbluth Adam Several children in one family died in 1882. 4/1/1882 newspaper article accidental death of Adam Jungbluth and illness/death of 4 children died of scarlet fever. Land records found
Keller Harry Roy Harry Keller born 8/3/1895 and died 10/13/1948.Wood Veterans Hospital, not Wood County.
Kelley Charles Charles Kelley and Ida Burlew (Berlew): Children were: Charles b 1879; Frances b 188; Emily (aka Dolly) b 1883; Levelia (aka Hattie) b. 1885; Walter b 1887; Frederick b. 1888 and Eva b 1891. Armenia Township in Juneau county.
Kellner Frederick Frederick E. Kellner B Centralia Oct 11,1858Parents were Freiderich Kellner and Anna Karlsen. Working on Pioneer Family Certificate
Kernin Fredericka Requesting death certificates or obituaries for two siblings born in Germany and died in Wood County WI. William Fritz born Jan 9, 1846 and died July 10, 1906. Found in Pre-1907 death Volume 2 page 316. Also located will and probate records. Intent for Citizenship located at UWSP. Entry date May 1873, Filing date October 29, 1880. His sister was Fredericka Kernin who was born: April 14, 1852 in Germany died: June 8, 1924 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Death notice and probate records sent.
Keyes Alice Alice Keyes m Byron Connell 7/3/1887 Vol. 1 p.6. Ann Keyes m Charles Wallace 3/12/1888 William Keyes m Mary Shear 11/14/1899 James Keyes m Anna Whipple 6/16/1897 Iva Keyes m August Roggnow 5/3/1906 George Keys married Gertrude Zimmerman 11/25/1908 Also BLM records online for Keyes.
Klein Donald Looking for Donald Klein from Nekoosa, WI - no information
Knuppel/Knipple Ernst Ernst and Dorothea Knuppel.Ernst possibly born 8/1/1841 and died 7/23/1929 and buried in St John's cemetery in Kellner WI. Found naturalization records marriage records from Immanuel Lutheran.
Knuth Henry Henry Knuth1849-1912 Forest Hill Cemetery. Minnie 1850-1926. Emil H. 1876-1939
Kohl Joseph Margaret Nunier and Joseph Kohl came on Marshfield in 1880. Most family members Kohl and Nunier are buried in Marshfield. 29 copies sent (marriages and assorted material)
Krause Would you search the back issues of the Marshfield newspapers for obituaries? Is there a list of people buried in Mound Cemetery near Pittsville. Also searching surnames Porath, Breseman, Ure and Teatz surnames
Krause Margaret Looking for Margaret Krause Marriage 12/3/1891 Wood County Reporter. 1910 census for Margaret Kiewash. researching same family - Krous.
Kromer David David Kromer born in 1858 in Grand Rapids WI. Located Pre 1906 newspaper index
Kronholm Emmanuel Emanuel Kronholm b 1823 emigrated from Finland and settled in Siegel wood County WI. Referred to Kronholm family currently living in Wood County
Krous Andrew Andrew or Mary Krous/Krzywonos/Krause? Not in wood County. Researching same family as above.
Krous Margaret Seeking information on Margaret Krous born 3/9/1900 in Grand Rapids WI and married in MN in 1919 to George Nakayama . Father possibly is Andrew Krause. Researching same family as above.
Krubsack Henry Henry Krubsack 7/14/1879-5/4/1964 married to Anna Louise Seegar 7/20/1888-April 1968 (Port Edwards). Buried in Milladore cemetery
Kruger Michael Michael Kruger 12/6/1918 death Vol. 10 p. 90. was born 8/22/1832 in Germany. Frederick William Kruger died 6/12/1950 and buried in Forest Hill Cemetery . Would like obituary. Mailed obituary, death information for Michael Kruger Informant was Gustave, a son. Also found a Declaration of Intent for Michael
Krzywonos (Krause or Krous) Andrew Need a death certificate on Andrew Krzywonos (Krause or Krous) Lived in Sigel wood County around 1900. Wife Mary Krzywonos. May be Researching same family -Krause
Kuehl Ed Ed and Vi Kuehl owned a tavern in Marshfield. Marshfield Library responded to this query
Kunst Martin Martin and Caroline Kunst possibly moved to Wood County in 1902. Found an Obituary for Martin Kunst and the wife and son were in Fond du Lac County WI
LaBunker Burt Burt was born in 1880. What were his parents? No information on Burt La Bunker. Found information on Wallace LaBunker born in Wood County in 1856 born to Moses LaBunker (1818-1901) and Pauline Maulson. May be Ver Bunker instead of LaBunker. Information Sent
Landry Salome No info on Salome. Joseph Landry 1859-1910. He was a harness maker in Grand rapids, WI Buried n Calvary Cemetery
Larsen Christ Hansen Township, Wood County Larsen , Christ and Josephine.-Children Ludwig (b 1878), Clara (1879), Selma(1882), Hjalmar (1889=8), Lawrence (1889, Mae (1894).. Were on the 1880 census in LaCrosse. .Marshfield library death notice
Larson Looking for church records from Moravian Church in WR. Unable to locate them at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem PA. Di located the funeral records in WR. In 1902 all WR records transferred to church in Rudolph. In 1908 all records transferred back to WR. Moravian church in WR was started in 1889 so no records before then.
LaVigne Frank Found in "Intents" on our website. Frank born 1831 in Canada, arrived Declaration of Intent V.2 p.213. Possible brother Joseph born 1829. Under the deaths - Alphonsin died April 14, 1902 - v.2 p.163
Loiselle Virgil Owned the Arrow Eat Cafe in Marshfield. Found a story in Marshfield Businesses Story p. 237
Lusk Jacob Found information on Jacob Lusk in "1881 History of Northern Wisconsin - Wood County Chapter
Lutz Ruth Obituary found IN WRDT. Date not listed. However picture of headstone states born 1878 and died 1960. Husband die d 1952
Matthews (Mathews) Florence Florence Marie Mathews b in 1925 in Wisconsin Rapids. Parents married Taylor county in 1907 v.1 p.333
McCamley John Found in Wood County Cemeteries, Mortality Schedules for 1860, Wood County History 1923 on p. 280, 405, Newspapers , plat maps, Saratoga sections. Obituary Wisconsin Valley Leader Oct 22, 1903.
McKercher Town of Rock Cemetery and found in Wood County history 1923 on page 158, 306, 491, 497.
Merritt Solomon Solomon Merritt died Nov 12, 1936. Emma Merritt died 23 july, 1935. Also listed Bert, Clarence Sr, and Ida May - Mound Cemetery in Pittsville.
Merry Bruce Bruce and wife Katherine Merry. Found in 1875 in Seneca township. Prior to that the family is in Adams county. Rosetta Merry married Frank H Otto April 12, 1887 (Vol. 1 p.59 )
Meske Carl Carl born 1840 in Germany, lived in the township of Dexter, Wood County. Listed in the plat book 1909 for Dexter . and at Castlegarden.org , C. Meske listed
Mevius (Meveus) Christian Married in Kellner, WI on Nov. 28, 1884. Found in plat map for Kellner in 1880. Unable to locate land records. Possibly they rented.
Moffatt (Moffitt) Wood County Cemeteries . Also found in Wood county History -1923. Pre-1908 birth , and Wood County marriages 1867-1940 . 1956 school History project - Arpin grade School.
Moll Dorothy No children. Niece and brother living in Wisconsin Rapids. A member of Heart of WI Genealogical Society
Moore Reed Gordon 1st mayor of Centralia (1874) . Lived in Centralia in 1880 on census
Mueller Henry Information found in Wood County records. Both lived and died in Marshfield. Henry Carla Mueller listed in the 1908 plat book for Arpin. Referred to Marshfield Public Library
Nash Thomas Emett Thomas Emett Nash and Wife Ella Mariah Nash. Obituary for Thomas - Grand Rapids Tribune - December 13, 1917. Leader - December 14, 1917. Also wife's Obit Daily Leader August 2, 1926. Probate August 16, 1926
Nolton Horace Lived in Pittsville area - 1900 census, Horace Nolton married Maud L. Armon on March 29, 1890 (Vol2, p.16). Marriage certificate shows Horace's birthplace was Monroe, green County WI and father was Horace and mother was Rachel Morrison.
Nunier Catharina Catharina Nunier was the mother of Margaret Kohl. Catharina's maiden name was Thielmann
Ostrander Henry Henry Ostrander Married Lizzie Athorp November 9, 1879 (Vol. 1, p. 22). Henry Ostrander married Mary Scott June 25, 1884 (Vol. 1, p. 42. Not sure if this is the same man
Pariseau Charles Wood County Court Case May 1878 Charged with slander.
Payne Thomas Born Oct 1850 applied for an Intent to become a citizen. Thomas died May 1900 and wife Elizabeth 1851-1927. Daughter Alice E Payne 1879-1894 all buried in Forest hill Cemetery Section 146.
Peterson Marie Charlotte Johnson Marie Charlotte Johnson married Johannes Peterson. Both died when their daughters were young and are buried in forest hill Cemetery. A daughter Eva Peterson married Adam Klonowski in Vesper. Sent a history of the Peterson and Klonowski family
Peterson Sophie Hannah No birth record for Sophie. There were many Petersons in Wood County Birth , Marriage and death indexes but no Sophie. Marriage record for Hans Peter Peterson and Mary Ann Rasmussen on August 29, 1872 in Grand Rapids WI. Possible parents of Sophie
Pierce Dalton Russell 1896 Marshalltown Iowa City Directory. referred to familysearch.org for Dalton birth.
Pitts Luke Luke W. Pitts farmer in Pittsville. Came to area in 1858. Father Luke Noble Pitts was born Nov. 1808 and died 1874 in Pittsville, WI. 1850 census living in Pennsylvania. Several listings for Wood County marriages and wood County newspapers. Thomas Wolcott Pitts, 3rd son of Luke N and Louisa Pitts. Had Pitts mill. Started a school in the Pitts Mill area. All buried in Founders Cemetery in Pittsville.
Platts Jonathon Edward Lived in Pittsville and Marshfield area. John Platts 1847-1918, and Adella 1854-1934.1910, 1920 census in Pittsville, Adella living with son in 1930 in Madison County Iowa. Both John and Adella buried in Mound Cemetery in Pittsville.
Powell Kenneth Arnold Obituaries for Ansil Beach Powell and Lela Fern Davis Powell in Wood County. Kenneth Arnold Powell was their child. More information on the family in Tomah in Monroe County and Black River Falls in Jackson County WI
Putzier Elmer W. World War II airman killed in NebraskaArmy Air force private.Sent newspaper release. Listed his father as William Putzier
Rablin Henry Lavinia Rablin died 1857 buried in Forest Hill Cemetery Wisconsin Rapids. In 1956 Wood County Centennial 1845- Henry Rablin listed. In the 1923 Wood County History the family is listed. Also listed in the 1881 History of Northern WI .
Redman (Redmond) John S. Found in 1880 census for Plover, Portage County. Also pre-1907 marriage in 1865 in Portage County. on 1870 census for Centralia Wood County. Not much else in Wood County
Richards Carl No information in Wood County. Irene and Carl Richards live in the area and have one living son. Unknown if related. referred to Leland and Irene Richards - Wisconsin Rapids.
Roberts Isola Isola Roberts born 1915 to William and Agnes Roberts. No listings on Adams, Wood, Portage or Juneau census for this family
Robinson B.B. Born in New York in 1819. History of Wood County p. 554, and obituary found in newspaper. Exact citation not listed
Rocksteds Rocksters/Rockstad - Material found in Calvary Cemetery, Forest Hill Cemetery, Newspaper indexes, the 1900 Adams County Atlas , Strongs Prairie Cemetery . Referred to old WI Rapids newspapers
Rockwood Arthur Arthur and Grace Rockwood in Wood County History. In Forest Hill Cemetery there is Arthur (1886-1955) and Ethel Rockwood (1889- no death date listed) . At Calvary Cemetery is Florence Rockwood 1916-1959
Rozman Anton Directed to Marshfield Public Library. requested information on Anton Rozman and a Harley Davidson motorcycle he had in 1934.
Sauer William Albertine Kruger married Peter Sauer March 31, 1875 in wood County . He was born in Bavaria in December 1844. Albertine born 1856.
Saylor Virgil Virgil - two marriages. Virgil and Jeanine had a son Jeffrey born in 1960. Virgil and Sandra had at least 3 children born between born between 1969 and 1975. Addresses sent of individuals living in Wisconsin Rapids.
Schliebe Frieda Married to Rev Max Schliebe who was Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Nekoosa. He is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Nekoosa. No death records In Wood County for Frieda. Census listings show After Max's death in Nekoosa, Frieda went to live with her family in Hustisford, Dodge County, WI
Schliebe Max Rev. Max Schliebe death Notice in Daily Leader August 21, 1919. His parents possibly were Carl and Wilhelmina Schliebe. Not listed in death notice
Schnabel Johan Name found in the 1923 Wood County History on p. 494. Also found in 1956 WR newspaper Centennial edition, and found in Pre-1907 b, d, m in WR and also Marshfield newspapers. Found in Wood County marriages 1867-1940
Schreiber Carl Carl Schreiber (1825-1909), wife Caroline and daughter Bertha immigrated to SU from Germany in 1885. Found in Forest Hill Cemetery and in early marriages. Caroline's maiden name is Laabs,
Schroeder Ferdinand Ferdinand Schroeder and Sophie Schroeder came from Meesow, Pomerania. Query forwarded to Bev Polansky, genealogy member, who may also be researching the same family
Seebruck Frederick Frederick Seebruck 1854-1901 and 11 other family members.Looking for a map of Remington township 1880-1920 , and possibly Babcock. Referred to wisconsinhistory.org. Found in Remington Cemetery
Severns James Q. Severns family living in Pittsville. James Quick Severns and wife Susannah Washburn and 11 children. Information found in Wood County Cemeteries, Civil War veterans information, Wood County History in 1923; Wood County Place Names on p.76, Pre-1907 B, M and D; the 1956 Wisconsin Rapids Newspaper Centennial Edition; the School History of Wood County; the 1881 History of Northern Wisconsin on p. 1216; & plat maps.We also have a paper "Reminiscences of a Wisconsin Girl written by Cassie (Elvira) Myrtle Raymond King which includes information on James and Susannah Severns
Sharkey Louise Louise Sharkey in the 1880 census who is with the Ritchay family in Lincoln County WI . Louise is listed as sister in law to head of household.Francois Charretier B 1780 in Canada and died after 1851(on Canadian census in 1851). In Mid 1850 some of the family was living in Wood County (Rudolph) and the name was changed to Sharkey. See Information on Charretier above.
Shea Raymond Oscar Listed in the 1940 census as living in Nekoosa. Born March 4, 1920 and died Nov. 5, 1995. Obituary in WR Tribune. fought in WII in the 32nd Infantry division. Article in WR Tribune "First Soldiers to Leave Tri-Cities" June 4, 1942
Sherman August Found in Census for Marathon County . August, Mary and Michael were buried n Marathon County. Referred to Marathon County Historical Society.August born in September 1852.
Showers John John Showers born Jan 16, 1851 and died September 25, 1917. Found in 1910 census in Grand Rapids, listed as born in WI and both parent from PA. IN 1900 census in town of Fitchburg in Dane County .Also found in early marriages. John E. Showers to Bridget Lavin in 1888 in Oregon, Dane county WI
Skaar Jens Scandinavian Moravian Church in Centralia, Skaar and Larson family. Jens Skorr died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Nels A. Larson. He was over 80 years old. Death notice in the Wisconsin Valley Leader June 20, 1907. Name also found in 1923 Wood County History and Wood County Place names, Plat Maps, and Pre-1907 vital records.
Skarban William Wanted a copy of birth certificate William Skarban. Referred to Wood County courthouse website. Born in Grand Rapids WI May 14, 1899. Child of Adolph Skarban and Anna Mraz.
Skilling Carl Carl Skilling married Stella Grade. Stella's father was William H Grade born 1883 of German parents 1910 and William Grade found on 1920 census living in Dunn ND and Stella was 3 y/o born in WI. Death certificate for Stella 1/25/1917 Lynn township, Granton, Clark county WI. Whole family is buried in Clark County , Referred to Marshfield newspaper for possible obits, or go to Neillsville for the Clark County Courthouse and look for Death certificates
Sowatzke Charlotte Charlotte Sowatske born August 11, 1868, and Married August Schalla in Waukesha WI. Found August and Lottie on 1910 census living in the town of Hanson in wood County. She came to US in 1887 vs. 1884 (hard to read) . Referred to St John's Lutheran church in Pittsville for old German records
Stahlberg Andrew Andrew and wife Christine, Christine died in Chicago IL. Andrew born in Sweden Nov. 10, 1830 and died in Grand Rapids, WI on June 25, 1912, but buried in Kansas City, MO. Obit Wood County Reporter July 4, 1912. Daughter Alma married Rev Julius Nordlinger. Sent picture of the house Andrew lived in - 664 2nd Street South in Wisconsin Rapids
Steele Lenora Lenora Baldwin Steele found in Forest Hill Cemetery (1904-1936). Nothing else in south wood County. Referred to Marshfield newspapers
Steiner Ed Steiner listed in Cemetery index- Calvary Cemetery listing Ed Steiner and his wife Marie and daughter Sharon A. Also listed in 1923 Wood County History on p 371, and 124, Local newspapers
Thorp Thomas Earl Thomas and father Isaac were the first settlers in Plymouth WI. Documentary at the Plymouth Historical Society. Buried in Arpin. No obituary found in local newspapers. Referred to Marshfield library. Thomas Earl Thorpe born Oct 7 1832 in New York, and died Feb. 3, 1913. Parents were Isaac Thorpe and Sophia Davis
Thurber Floyd Obituary found in WR Tribune. Date of newspaper not listed Date of Death was April 17, 1955
Trader Clemmence Clemmence Trader Sr, and wife Eva Eunice Lemon Trader had five children - Katherine, Clemmence H, Anna, Archie and Martha. Martha is Mrs. Henry William Cummings and lived in Marshfield WI. referred to Marshfield Library
Turley Information found in Wood County Cemeteries, 1881 Northern WI History -.1205, the 1923 Wood County History p. 405 and 73,Pre-1907 births, Wood County newspapers , Wood County Deaths 1877-1897 and the 1956 School History project for Wood County for Emma and Sarah.
Ufken David D. Per information provided by person requesting information, David Dean Ufken married Dorothy Louisa West July 6, 1996. Dorothy parents were Hollie Bond West and Helen Tabor both from Oklahoma. 1920 census family found in Atoka Co Oklahoma. Robert West was born July 11, 1880 in McClain Oklahoma. On 1890 state census person named Robert West found living with parents in Little River, Cleveland, Oklahoma
Unertl Michael Wood County marriage of Michael Unertl and Rosy Hammel (last name difficult to read). Married September 12, 1897 in Milladore. Parents of groom were Georg Unertl and Katherina Marchl. Photographs and extended tree found in Ancestry.com. They are buried in St. Wenceslaus Cemetery in Milladore. Unertl's also buried in St Killian Cemetery in Blenker. Michael was born in Germany and arrived from Munchen through Baltimore MD on Feb. 19, 1896 at about 25 years of age
Ure Ralph W. Requesting obituary of Ralph W. Ure who died on April 4, 1973. Parents of Ralph Ure were Ray Ure and Lydia Krause. No obituary found in Wisconsin Rapids or Marshfield. However in "find a grave" web site, Ralph Ure with same date of death was buried in Mount Evergreen Cemetery in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.
Van Stedum Jan Looking for marriage record of Jan Van Stedum and Trijntje Van der Woude from March 27, 1911 in Vesper. Nothing found in Wood County. Referred to Portage County Record
Van Wormer Kathleen Born August 25, 1913 and died January 16, 1998 in Snohomish WA. No records in Wood County No birth record in Monroe County Courthouse. She was married three times. Bill Hills; Michael Jakob; and John Hiscott
VerBunker/Bunker Moses Moses Bunker married Nancy King on August 15, 1873, and Adelia Ver Bunker married Oliver Demars on April 23, 1906 in the early marriages. Also in the 1923 Wood County History the name is spelled two different ways
Waaser/Waser Charles Found an obit for Charles. He is the only one buried in Wood county from this family. Wife Caroline and children possibly moved somewhere else. Family is listed in 1923 Wood County History available through McMillan library website. Daughter Clara married Theorhile Ksychi in Portage County May 5, 1894. Clara is listed at both Seneca School and at the Saratoga School. 1900 census lists the family with 8 children in Grand Rapids, WI . Charles came to US from Germany in 1870 and Caroline came in 1871. 1910 census Caroline is running a boarding house in WR. On 1920 census, Caroline is alone living in WR on Chase Street at age 67
Wales Vina Met and assisted at the courthouse and library. Located information at Wood County Curthouse related to this person.
Walloch Joseph Obituary found in WR Tribune Feb. 28, 1940 on page 9. Notice in WR Tribune in Society pages listed family members returning from the funeral of Miss Emily Walloch . Newspaper date was April 12, 1934. Joseph Walloch was born in Germany and naturalized Oct 9, 1894 at age 26. Intent record at UWSP archives . On 1930 census living in Siegel, wood County. Buried in Holy Rosary parish cemetery in Siegel.
Warren Clarence Clarence died Oct 22, 1891 and wife Mary Jane died December 11, 1913 per courthouse death certificates. Clarence was 48 y/o born on December 17, 1843 and parents were Marcus C Warren and Nancy Shepard Warren Mary Jane's parents listed . 1870 census list Marcus whose occupation was cabinet maker, born in NY , and Clarence was clerk of court. Marcus, Clarence and Mary Jane are all buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
Watters/Waters Daniel Daniel Waters lived in town of Carey, Pittsville wood County March 4, 1907 according to person requesting information. No further information found in Wood County records. referred to Marshfield Library
Wilcox George Washington George Washington Wilcox and Wife Emily (Spurling) Wilcox were living in New Lisbon area in 1902 when last child was born. Family in Clearfield township in Juneau county in 1905. Wilcox, no first name found in the Danish Cemetery north of Mauston. In 1900 census family had 9 children and all were living. in 1905 George was 68, Emily was 45 y/o with 8 others living in the household including a grandson.
Witt/Witte William/Wilhelm Born about 1823. His son Herman Witte bought a plot in Forest Hill cemetery in 1897 s0 probable year of death. 1892 Centralia City Directory lists William living with son Wm Jr. in the 1900 census states he was born in March 1823 has 7 children, 6 living and came to US in about 1870
Wittenberg Information found in Riverside Cemetery in Nekoosa, the wood County History in 1923 on page 543 and 701; and wood County Place Names on page 89, and 92, 94. Found in Pre-1907 births , Wood County marriages, also in 1890 and 1909 plat map books, and the 1956 School History project book.
Wood Guy Born May 22, 1881 in WR, and died July 27, 1946 in Eau Claire WI. Wife was Helen Wood Information sent.
Wood Norman Buried in the old part of the Green Hill Cemetery. Norman had a farm near Hillcrest Road and Range Line road in Saratoga.Was a potato farmer and made moon shine. Got caught and went to prison
Worthington Ralph C. Ralph C Worthington and Susan Compton. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. Article in WR Tribune on September 14, 2010 -"Rhonda's View Rendezvous - Adventurer, builder and businessman left marks on early community."
Wucenske Lawrence Found an Obit for Lawrence Wucenske and a Declaration . of Intent. Attended St. Lawrence Catholic Church in WR, and is mentioned in their centennial book. Married in 1862 to Mary and had 11 children. After Mary's death married Josa Wodginski in September 1911. Referred to Catholic Church for church records.
Wussaw/Wussow Ferdinand Ferdinand Wussaw born 1846 in Berlin Germany and died 1921 Vesper, wood County WI. Obituary sent. Wife Minnie Wussaw born 1953 in Berlin Germany and died Vesper, Wood County WI and buried in Wisconsin Rapids. All 10 children were born in Columbia county WI.
Zdun Edward Edward listed in 1964 WR City Directory. In the 1971 Wood County Directory, several Zdun listed as living in Pittsville area. Ernest Zdun Sr. born Jan21, 1921 and died Feb 13, 1990. Margaret Martin born July 2, 1922 and died July 27, 2001. Edward Zdun born September 21, 1918 and died June 22, 1991 and buried in Restlawn Cemetery.
Zimmerman Adam Requesting land record for Adam Zimmerman. Located on 3rd Avenue in Rudolph in Wood County. Purchased land from Herman Artus on March 10, 1903 for $2100. Adam Zimmerman born n Germany and came to US with his wife Elizabeth through the port of New York. He is on the 1900 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses living in Rudolph. Elizabeth died in October 1930, and Adam died in December 1930. Both are buried in St. Phillips Cemetery in Rudolph. Referred to Kris Hartjes Willfahrt - Rudolph historian.


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