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1956 Wood County School List

In 1956, probably in conjunction with the centennial of Wood County, Wisconsin, the country schools in the county each wrote up a history of their school. Some of the histories were apparently written by the students, some by the teachers, and others by an adult of the community in which the school was located.

Some of these histories go into great detail and contain a lot of early information such as who donated the land for the school, who the first settlers were in the community, who the teachers and school board members were, and much more.  Some of the histories are very basic with few names or dates mentioned.

The original copy of these histories is located in the Archives of the University of Wisconsin Library in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Emil Krause, a long time member of the Heart O' Wisconsin Genealogical Society, made a copy of these histories and arranged them in two volumes, alphabetically by the name of the school and also numbered the pages. These two volumes are located in McMillan Memorial Library in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Emil also created an index to those copies for the Heart O' Wisconsin Genealogical Society in 1993. This is an on-line version of that index. The page number references the page number of the hard copy at the library.

The links directly below take you to an index of the names in the 1956 school histories.

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Index of Schools

School Page Township or Town Links
Altdorf School 1 Seneca Map Topo
Arbutus School 26 Port Edwards Map Topo
Arpin Graded School 33 Arpin  
Auburndale Graded School 45 Auburndale  
Audubon School 49    
Babcock Graded School 52 Remington  
Bean School 57 Hansen Map Topo
Bell School 64 Saratoga Map Topo
Biron Graded School 70 Grand Rapids  
Cameron's Pride School 78 Cameron Map Topo
Cary Bluff School 105 Cary Map Topo
Children's Choice School 114 Grand Rapids Map Topo
Columbia Graded School 123 Grand Rapids Map Topo
Cranmoor Graded School 135 Cranmoor Map Topo
Crescent School 181 Arpin Map Topo
Dairy Belt School 221 Richfield Map Topo
Dexterville School 246 Dexter  
East Rock School 258 Rock Map Topo
Ebbe School 263 Lincoln Map Topo
Evergreen Hill School 277 Marshfield  
Far View School 288 Richfield Map Topo
Golden Glow School 299 Rock Map Topo
Good Cheer School 332 Richfield Map Topo
Green Grove School 338 Port Edwards Map Topo
Grove Graded School 350 Grand Rapids Map Topo
Hewitt Public School 360    
Hillcrest School 396 Rock Map Topo
Hill View School 404 Rudolph Map Topo
Lincoln School 415    
Lindsey School 426 Rock  
Lone Birch School 437 Rudolph Map Topo
Lone Elm School 443 Lincoln Map Topo
Lone Maple School 460 Sherry Map Topo
Lone Pine School 469 Sigel Map Topo
Long School 476 Richfield Map Topo
Maple Grove School 491 Richfield Map Topo
McKinley School 500 Saratoga Map Topo
Meadow Brook School 510 Arpin Map Topo
Mill Creek School (Marshfield) 520    
Mill Creek School (Sherry & Carson) 536 Milladore  
Mill Creek School (Sherry) 548 Sherry  
Milladore Graded School 565 Milladore  
Model School 591 Grand Rapids  
Natwick School 611 Hansen Map Topo
North Arpin School 626 Arpin Map Topo
North Hansen School 634 Hansen Map Topo
Oak Leaf School 662 Richfield Map Topo
Pearl Graded School 666 Grand Rapids Map Topo
Pershing School 675 Sherry  
Pine Grove School 681 Seneca Map Topo
Pioneer School 694 Sigel Map Topo
Pittsville Public School 702 Wood  
Plank Hill School 711 Port Edwards Map Topo
Pleasant Hill School 722 Auburndale  
Pleasant Valley School 730 Hansen  
Pleasant View School 759 Sigel Map Topo
Riverview School 770 Lincoln Map Topo
Rocky Run School 788 Cary Map Topo
Ross School 812 Saratoga Map Topo
Rudolph Public School 821 Rudolph Map Topo
Shady Lane School 827 Lincoln Map Topo
Shady Nook School 833 Richfield Map Topo
Snyder School 844 Sigel Map Topo
Spring Lake School 856 Sigel Map Topo
Stepping Stone School 878 Milladore Map Topo
Sunnyside School 889 Rudolph Map Topo
Sunshine School 895 Milladore Map Topo
Turner School 900 Sigel Map Topo
Two Mile Graded School 907 Grand Rapids Map Topo
Veedum School 911 Dexter  
Vesper Graded School 923 Hansen  
Wallace School 935 Hiles Map Topo
Washington School 942 Rock  
Webster School 959 Marshfield Map Topo
West Cary School 977 Cary  
Wittenberg School 984 Port Edwards Map Topo
Woodland Echo School 997 Arpin Map Topo

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